Friday, March 25, 2011, 5:40 AM
For the $2 that doesn't even go into your pocket.
Lady Stutfield Do you really, really think, Lady Caroline, that one should believe evil of every one?
Lady Caroline I think it is much safer to do so, Lady Stutfield. until of course, people are found out to be good. But that requires a great deal of investigation, now-a-days.

- Oscar Wilde, A Woman Of No Importance, Act I
I was utterly amazed at how uncultured and coarse the lackeys (whose nugatory existences in school is warranted only by teaching obscure mother tongue languages) could be. Fascinating! Quite possibly twice or thrice my age, yet not the slightest hint of intellect or prudence was exercised. Well, no matter, you can behave like any proletarian plebeian for all I care, so long as you do not impertinently insist on testing my patience.

Yet, deplorably so, you did today. Whoops.

Ah, do you have a death wish of some sort? Perhaps you're already tired of life and living?

Now, now, you really ought to know your place, you know. I'm not entirely sure if your imprudence stems from your benightedness or just sheer, plain, innate asininity, but your egregious discourtesy is merely giving others a rather bad impression of your lot. I once heard that it is always pawns with the least authority who are but the happiest and most unrestrained when it comes to desperately flaunting and abusing whatever little power they possess. A tragic fact indeed, but a fact nonetheless. Lamentably, it is almost always the petty spirits of region low who serve as the most tedious vexations to one's spirit.

On a side note, I would also have liked to enquire very much from the lanky lurdan why his pants are always so abnormally atrociously high but of course decorum dictates otherwise, thus I shall conveniently attribute that to some sort of genetic defect and DNA mutation befitting of a freak of nature and a graceless lout.


“The only horrible thing in the world is ennui.”
Claire, perfunctory student. I sometimes blog when I am burdened with terrible ennui.

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