Thursday, June 28, 2012, 2:45 AM
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Regarding the Kong Hee case, I have no stake in it whatsoever, so I honestly can't give a shit about what happens to him or his Sun Ho or his Leng Hung or his Ye Peng or his Shao Yuen or his Eng Han. At least I'm nice enough address them by their given names rather than "four others" like what all the media outlets are doing. :D

Here are some online sources for you to refer to, although you could always just bloody google:
- City Harvest case: Allegedly total of $50m misused
- Supporters shield Kong Hee and argue with media outside courts
- City Harvest Executive Member alleges COC Defamation 

And always worth a read is this absolutely hilarious piece of satire which unfortunately might also be a victim of Poe's Law: A letter from a Christian asking Singaporeans to forgive pastor Hong Kee

Turns out that the Kong Hee guy did somehow prophesy this! Can't have been appointed as some god's shepherd for no good reason, right? For one, he did beseech his followers to give until their hearts were broken and until tears stream down your eyes. Well, I don't know about you, but the alleged S$50 million sounds like a hell lot, and I'm quite sure some people's hearts must be broken and tears must be streaming down their eyes now that their precious pastor has been charged with committing rather ungodly acts.

Oh look! A lucky strike! That was a complete guess by the way.

With such potent powers of prophecy, maybe someone should have asked Kong Hee for some Toto or 4D numbers. Then they might also be multimillionaires, just without worrying if someone's gonna sue! :D

I reckon I ought to divorce myself from this whole comical saga, but it's always nice to see the media and protesters and deluded supporters and fervent naysayers and whatnot dance about to present to us this terrific show which all fellow Singaporeans have a marvellous front-row ticket to.


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