Thursday, November 01, 2012, 10:58 AM
Some postulate that a post in points lacks propriety but idgaf.
- Ah, going to university has only further validated that I really abhor studying for the sole sake of studying.
- Doesn't help one bit either that I find my modules unbearably dry and unengaging...
- Then again I've never encountered any subject I've willingly immersed myself in.
- Thus begins the contemplation of the futility of (one's) life.
- Why is there life? Or rather, why must there be life?
- Reckon it's a question many a person seeped in ennui have asked...
- I ought to google it but the atmosphere is decidedly torpid.
- Is the total absence of life, after all, not consequently equal to presence of life?
- I am not a believer of the concept of an afterlife; I refer to most of the conventional models I have encountered thus far.
- My opinion is that Twitter fuels puerilism.
- Though I must add that Twitter itself is not to blame but rather the imbeciles and their inane tweets (twit would be far more apropos)
- K that was a tad too cheesy.
- I dislike buzzwords like 'social platforms'; not entirely sure why but I'm fairly certain it's because I've witnessed one too many juveniles use it to try and appear more intelligent.


“The only horrible thing in the world is ennui.”
Claire, perfunctory student. I sometimes blog when I am burdened with terrible ennui.

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